DIY Foil Valentine’s Day Cards

I am really excited about this project! It is not often that I see something in the craft section, know exactly what I want to do with it, do it and have it turn out better than what was in my head. BUT IT HAPPENED! On top of that goodness most of the supplies can be found at Dollar Tree and it is quick and easy to make! READY?!

DIY Foil Valentine’s Day Cards

DIY Valentine's Day Cards


Here is a picture of all the fun Valentine’s day things I got from Dollar Tree (plus a few tools from my stash).


Valentine's Day Dollar Tree Haul

For this project I used the banner (bottom left), the round and heart Rhinestone stickers (bottom right), the foam stickers (top left), card stock, stick glue and scissors (if you have it a sliding paper cutter it makes cutting apart the banner and cards a little easier and faster).

Step One: Cut apart your banner either into individual pieces (you will get about 12) or pairs. Discard or set aside the pieces with the fold line. (I will show you in another post a fun idea for these pieces! Can’t let anything go to waste!)

Pieces of the Banner

Step Two: Turn your banner piece over and cover the back fully with stick glue then carefully adhere on to the card stock making sure to remove bubbles or creases carefully. Note the word carefully! When placing the card on the card stock you want to make sure there is enough room to make it into a folded card (if that is what you desire anyway, you can make them into a “postcard” style as well!) You may also wish to leave some space under the foil as well for decorating.

Foil Valentine Glue

Step Three: Fold card stock under leaving as much or as little showing above the foil piece as desired for decorating.

Step Four: Cut off access card stock.

Foil Valentine Step 2 Foil Valentine Step 3

Step Five: Decorate the front with rhinestones and foam sticks.

Foil Valentine Step 4

Step Six: Send/give them away to show a little love to your friends and family. Watch them be impressed by your handy work! 😉

Curious to know what I did with the rests of the supplies? Click here!


DIY Foil Valentine's Day Cards

Happy Crafting!

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