From Gift Cards to Gift Tags

Hello Friends! I have another project that I am really excited to share with you all! If you haven’t seen any of the old posts I am expecting our first child. In fact the estimated due date is tomorrow! My wonderful mother threw us the best baby shower ever (will post about that soon!) and our friends and family were super generous. With gift giving events a few gift cards are always present. There are usually a few returns made leaving one with store credit cards and lots of different hang tags on all the new items. As far as I know gift cards cannot be recycled and the thought of cutting them up and just throwing away so much plastic hurt my soul a little. So I have been collecting them. Even before the shower I had a little stash going. Certainly I would find a purpose for these cards? Right?


I was inspired by a group I joined on Facebook that swaps cards and paper crafting supplies. They had a gift tag swap and the minimum size of the tags had to be 2in by 3in. Guess what? Gift cards are 2in by 3in. They are really sturdy too! Hmmm.. I bet you can convert a gift card into a gift tag!! Light bulb moment! Don’t you just love those!!

Sadly these were not made in time to be sent to my partners. However, I still think they got some pretty cute gift tags!

Neon Birthday Gift Tags

That just means I got to play with them longer and take some really nice pictures of them to share with you. One quick thing, please excuse the photos for the directions. They were taken on my cell phone. At the time I was trying to be quick, thinking I could get them done in time. Hopefully they are clear enough, even if the color is way off.

Here are what most of the gift cards looked like before:

Gift cards and Hang Tags before

With a little time, patience and creativity you can have some beautiful gift tags to dress up your next gift!

How to Turn Gift Cards into Gift Tags

From Gift Card to Gift Tag


Old Gift Card
(or nice hang tag, old membership card, ect…)
White Card Stock
Colored/Patterned Paper
Double-sided Tape
White Paint (Optional)

Step One: Using a hole punch (and a bit of brute strength and patience) punch a hole near the top of your card. Depending on its thickness this may be easy or a bit difficult. I found that holding the punch down with a good amount of pressure then twisting/rotating the card around does the trick. It sort of “drills” the hole out.

Step Two: Cover the back in double-sided tape. Be sure to go over the sides so you will have a good stick!

Gift Card to Gift Tag Step 1

Step Three: Place the back of the card on the white card stock. Press down to ensure a good stick. Trim off excess.

Gift Card to Gift Tag Step 2

Gift Card to Gift Tag Back

Step Four: Decorate the front! Be as creative as you want! I actually used shelf paper I found at Dollar Tree on the black and white tags as well as the round ones. I used this paper earlier in another craft and have not used it to line a shelf yet. I consider it nice self adhesive craft paper! I then used stamped images that I cut out of card stock, rhinestones, Washi tape and stickers (again all from Dollar Tree).

Step Five: Secure on string or ribbon by folding the length in half, threading the ends through hole and then through the loop made by folding the string in half.

Tips: If using thinner paper you may want to paint the card white (or any solid color) so the card doesn’t show through. It is even more noticeable if the card has a lot of contrast already. (See red Target gift card)
For super cute gift cards (see owl and baby tags) just think of a creative way to cover up the store logo (button, sticker, die-cut, ect! Done! (Thanks Target for making such cute gift cards!)
The tags with the deer on them are the cards you can get to put in a flower bouquet. Dress them up with some stickers and you are done! You don’t even need to worry about covering up the back.
The round tags I used little wooden letters that I dressed up with glitter Washi tape and sharpie marker.

Deer Gift Tags

Gift Card turned Gift Tag Black & White Butterfly Gift Card turned Gift Tag Black & White Cheers_Thanks

Gift Card turned Gift Tag Black & White Round Gift Tags from Old Gift Cards

Up-cycled hang tags to gift tags

That’s it! Basically you just have to cover the back of the card so you can write on it and make the front of the card look pretty and add a hole to the top to put string through.

Gift Card turned Gift Tag Black & White Back

If you make some I would seriously love to see them! You can post your link in the comments or post them on my Facebook page. There are truly an infinite amount of ways the decorate these. They are also a lot of fun to make and are super impressive once completed. I will never throw away another gift card or fancy hang tag again!

Happy Crafting and Gift Giving!


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